Graduation Information

Heritage High School Graduation Ceremony will be Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 9:00 a.m at the University of Denver-Ritchie Center. 

All Fines must be cleared through the bookkeeper and/or library IN ORDER TO PICK UP CAP AND GOWN AND WALK DURING GRADUATION by:

TBD in order to receive a yearbook.
TBD in order to pick up a cap and gown.

Senior General Dates

Seniors Last Day of Class - Thursday, May 18th!

Senior Day - Friday, May 19th

Cap and Gown Pickup
Friday, May 19th, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ONLY - Third Floor Athletic Entrance

All fines must be paid and the Post Grad survey must be completed. Please click here to find the survey.

Must bring student ID to recieve Cap & gown.

If you still need to order a Cap & Gown and Graduation Announcements, you can do that online at

Deadline for refunds will be due to Jostens, in writing, by TBD. If you have questions concerning cap/gowns, rings, or announcements, please contact Jostens at 303-985-0095.

Yearbook Information

Need to purchase a book? Buy here.

Photos and Videos
Photos:This year we will be working with Lifetouch Shutterfly for graduation portraits at our commencement ceremony. Lifetouch will photograph our graduates and 3-5 days after the ceremony the portraits will upload to a Shutterfly site. 

Congratulations Class of 2023!

Videos: Coverage of the 2023 Graduation will be livestreamed! More information to follow.

Graduation Stream Link : TBD

Bus Transportation for Graduates
Graduates, please meet at Heritage by TBD. Buses will transport graduates to University of Denver-Ritchie Center. Anyone NOT on the bus will not walk at graduation.

Day of Graduation
The 2023 Heritage High School Graduation Ceremony will take place  Saturday, May 27th, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the University of Denver-Ritchie Center.  Graduation lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

Immediately following the graduation ceremony. Students will be directed to pick up their diplomas.

Appropriate Behavior for a Traditional Ceremony
The high school graduation ceremony is a “once in a lifetime” occasion for students to be recognized for achieving the academic requirements as set forth by the school and community. The ceremony itself is a very visible and expensive event. It is a time set aside for honoring the Class of 2023, both collectively and individually. Students wear the academic robes and mortarboards in recognition of their academic achievement. They are dressed alike because they have a common bond with each other and with all former graduates who have worn the cap and gown at the time of their high school graduation. Students are recognized individually when their names are called and when they shake hands with school administrators. As you know, this ceremony marks the completion of thirteen years of public education and the beginning of future adult paths. We are proud to celebrate this special occasion; however, because of the importance attached to the occasion, we ask that our pride be demonstrated with dignity. 

Spectators can help greatly by not applauding, cheering, whistling, etc. when a student’s name is called. The noise from such outbursts often obscures the next student’s name. We will move quickly through the names of approximately 400 seniors. It is most helpful if the cheering and applause may be given at one time after the last student’s name is read. The Senior Class and the Heritage staff hope to make our ceremony this year the best ever. We do appreciate your help.   

University of Denver-Ritchie Center Information

Facility Policies and Prohibited Items: TBD

Parking Information: TBD


We will no longer need tickets for Graduation.  All are WELCOME! 
In addition, Graduation will still be live streamed. 

Required Dress for Students
Appropriate dress is necessary to ensure the dignity of the graduation ceremony.  Inappropriate dress will jeopardize a graduate's participation in the ceremony.  Graduates are required to wear dress shoes and clothing appropriate for the formality of the ceremony. Please dress in dark color pants and collared shirts, dress pants, skirts or dresses and low heeled shoes or wedges. NO HIGH HEELS (Wedges are allowed), TENNIS SHOES, SHORTS or JEANS, FLIP FLOPS OR HIKING BOOTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. You will be sent home to change. NOTHING can be worn on the cap or over the robe other than approved academic medals and/or honor cords.

Graduates SHOULD NOT bring flowers, purses, phones, keys, cameras, or other valuables to the graduation ceremony.