Staff Pages

ELD/Special Education/Support and Intervention

Avery, Nicole
Moretti, Carolyn
Martinez, Raquel 
Scott, Andrea
Wise, Erin

Special Education
Castleton, Janet
Gilla, Britt
Dougan, Bree - Psychologist
Dr. Green, Sharon
Hammond, Carolyn
Lester, Paige
Prince, Danielle

Bonner, Bridgette - Paraprofessional
Lee, Denise - Paraprofessional
Villanueba, Eileen - Paraprofessional

Rose, Kari - Math Support
Olsen, Meghan - Reading Intervention

Services for the Visually Impaired
Knight, Nancy - Vision Teacher
Cozart, Nancy - Vision Teacher
Brocard, Lisa - Nationally Certified Braille Transcriber
Mayer, Ingrid - State Certified Braillist

Apollo and Center Based Program

Jost, Taryn - Teacher
Olsen, Suzy - Psychologist
Hicks, Hannah - Paraprofessional
Hardarson, Oli - Paraprofessional
Gallagher, Evsen - Paraprofessional

Center Based Program
Tugman, Josie - Teacher
Donahue, Barb - Paraprofessional
Lebel, Karen - Paraprofessional
Riedel, Amy - Paraprofessional
Mueling, Jenny - Occupational Therapist


Administration and Counseling

Breuer, Bryan - Principal, 6th Grade Contact
Lind, Kerri - Assistant Principal, 8th Grade Contact
Henry, Allison - Assistant Principal; 7th Grade Contact

Gadell, Meghan - 6th Grade
Loether, Jenica  - 7th & 8th Grade
Lehman, Nikki - Mental Health Professional

Support Staff

Aguilar, Demetria - Custodian
Banks, Jennifer - Office Manager
Bear, Fred - Custodian
Benavidez, Margaret - Cafeteria
Benskin, Gregory - Custodian
Bock, Nancy - Clinic
Buelow, Erin - Librarian
Fitchett, Julie - Registrar
Fordham, Betsy - Attendance
Gardner, Jaden - Custodian
Guerra, Henry - Custodian
Gullo, Tom - Lunch Room Manager
Hoffman, Michael - I.T. Computer Support
Kile, Merrilyn - Cafeteria
LaVelle, Derek - School Resource Officer
Selden, Penny - Bookkeeper
Stravinsky, Janet - Cafeteria