Honor Roll

2021-22 GMS Honor Roll, 1st Semester

It is our intention to recognize and acknowledge the academic accomplishments of our Goddard students, as well as those who consistently demonstrate strong work habits.

Principal’s Award

  • Student earns all “A’s” in Content Knowledge and all “4’s” in Work Habits

Content Knowledge Awards

  • 7th & 8th Grade High Honors - Student earns “A’s” in at least 4 classes with “B’s” or better in all classes


  • 6th Grade High Honors* - Student earns “A’s” in at least 3 classes with “B’s” or better in all classes


  • Honors - Student earns “B’s” or better in all classes

Work Habits Award 

  • Student earns “4’s” in at least 4 classes with “3’s” or better in all classes

*6th Grade students have 1 less class in their schedule, so the standard for High Honors is adjusted accordingly

Recognition Ceremonies

7th Grade,  January 26th 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

**8th Grade, February 16th, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

6th Grade, February 9, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

All ceremonies will be held in the large gym. Parents & family members are welcome to attend.
Currently, masks are required while in the building.

**8th Grd. Ceremony Rescheduled Date due to Snow Day

6th Grd. Honor Roll

Alackness Mckenna High Honors
Alackness Mckenna Work Habits
Allgeier Kolt High Honors
Anastasi Prata Gabriella Principal's Award
Anastasi Prata Gabriella Work Habits
Anderson-Stricklin Corbett Honors
Andrew Campbell High Honors
Augustin Landon High Honors
Bahre Bailee High Honors
Bassett Abigail High Honors
Bernal Lybertie Honors
Bowman Brooke Principal's Award
Bowman Brooke Work Habits
Bullock Cole High Honors
Bullock Cole Work Habits
Byrne Abigail High Honors
Chacon Giselle Honors
Cline Sidney High Honors
Cumby Natilee High Honors
Davis Natalie High Honors
DeLaTorre Maya High Honors
Duarte William Honors
Duggan Makayla High Honors
Erickson Tate High Honors
Erickson Tate Work Habits
Faiks Lillian High Honors
Faiks Lillian Work Habits
Galdamez Roman Jeslyn High Honors
Gebreyohannes Hasiet High Honors
Gomez Perez Karime High Honors
Gonshor Emsley High Honors
Graham Caroline High Honors
Graham Caroline Work Habits
Gray Edge Principal's Award
Gray Edge Work Habits
Greer Lucas High Honors
Gunlikson Alexis High Honors
Gunlikson Alexis Work Habits
Harms Henry High Honors
Harris Corbin High Honors
Heller Lily Principal's Award
Heller Lily Work Habits
Higgins Zoe High Honors
Higgins Zoe Work Habits
Hoffelt Orson High Honors
Hogg Parker High Honors
Hosie Micah Honors
Hutchens Ellianna Honors
Johnson Jace Honors
Krause Lainey Principal's Award
Krause Lainey Work Habits
Krueger Julie Principal's Award
Krueger Julie Work Habits
Larzelere John High Honors
Laughlin Courtney High Honors
Leo Luke Principal's Award
LePlatt Emily Principal's Award
Lido Gustav High Honors
Long Chloe Honors
Luellen Kora High Honors
Lynch Seosamh High Honors
Maestas Isaac High Honors
Magana Ulises High Honors
McCutcheon-Jones Lillian High Honors
Mejia Olivia High Honors
Melin Talon High Honors
Melin Talon Work Habits
Mena Casa Kenneth Principal's Award
Mena Casa Kenneth Work Habits
Miller Maria Principal's Award
Miller Trey Honors
Miller Maria Work Habits
Mitchell Maddox High Honors
Mitchell Maddox Work Habits
Moore Shoshana Honors
Moore Shoshana Work Habits
Morsman Gustav High Honors
Moxon Laurel Principal's Award
Moxon Laurel Work Habits
Nelligan Tyler Principal's Award
Nelligan Tyler Work Habits
Neumann Adysen High Honors
Ogdon Trey Principal's Award
Ogdon Trey Work Habits
Pratt Brody High Honors
Pusey Lila High Honors
Pusey Lila Work Habits
Rich Aiden High Honors
Rieben Heidi High Honors
Roos Wouter High Honors
Schmidt Oliver High Honors
Sedillo Adrian Principal's Award
Sherwood Abigail High Honors
Sherwood Abigail Work Habits
Simon Ava High Honors
Swanson Riley Principal's Award
Swanson Riley Work Habits
Terch Blake High Honors
Thompson Miles High Honors
Thompson Miles Work Habits
Toroslu Ayla High Honors
Toroslu Sevaryn High Honors
Tran Amelia High Honors
Tran Amelia Work Habits

7th Grd. Honor Roll

Aragon Adria Honors
Baccari Braden Honors
Barbre Madalyn High Honors
Belair Caroline Honors
Berg Bridger Honors
Berry Caroline Honors
Blanding Ruby Principal's 4.0 Award
Booysen Benjamin Honors
Brandt Izabel Principal's 4.0 Award
Brandt Taylor Principal's 4.0 Award
Bridges Ellie Principal's 4.0 Award
Caldwell Owen High Honors
Campbell Kingston Honors
Camp-Bell Adrianna Honors
Cetaruk Emerson High Honors
Chamberlin Zoe Honors
Chavez Genevieve High Honors
Clark Jameson Honors
Cohen Riley Honors
Comstock Karaline High Honors
Comstock Karaline Work Habits
Dahm Jayson Honors
Dalmy Isabel Principal's 4.0 Award
Davis Isabella Principal's 4.0 Award
Davis Xavier Honors
DeSpain Cadence High Honors
DeSpain Cadence Work Habits
Diana Gionna Principal's 4.0 Award
Durica Kai High Honors
Erwin Grady High Honors
Faiks Audrey Principal's 4.0 Award
Flavier Danica High Honors
Flottman Jayden Honors
Galindo-Garcia Kaillyn High Honors
Garcia Maxwell Principal's 4.0 Award
Garcia-Tejeda Arturo Honors
Groff Brody Principal's 4.0 Award
Guthrie Campbell Principal's 4.0 Award
Guthrie Campbell Work Habits
Hall Brynne Principal's 4.0 Award
Heffernan Susanna Honors
Heller Connor Principal's 4.0 Award
Hicks Cora High Honors
Host Luke Principal's 4.0 Award
Jensen Jakob Honors
Jimenez Andre Honors
Kendrick Maxwell High Honors
Kennedy Evelyn High Honors
Kennedy James Honors
Knoblock Makenzie Honors
Konrad Charlotte Principal's 4.0 Award
Kotarek Ethan High Honors
Langton Oliver Principal's 4.0 Award
Laverty Dylan Honors
Le Teresa Principal's 4.0 Award
Le Teresa Work Habits
Lowery Mary Principal's 4.0 Award
Lowery Mary Work Habits
Lucas Marcus Honors
March Andrew Principal's 4.0 Award
Martinez Chaz High Honors
Meissner Riley High Honors
Monseu June Honors
Monseu June Work Habits
Morrison Madeline Principal's 4.0 Award
Mosesso Lilliana High Honors
Mulvihill Liza Honors
Murillo Lia Honors
Murillo Mia Honors
Nguyen Peter Principal's 4.0 Award
Nguyen Peter Work Habits
Nicholson Joshua High Honors
O'Kelley Payton Honors
Ortiz Jordan Honors
Page Neely Honors
Prince Morgan High Honors
Rapp Elyna Principal's 4.0 Award
Richards Finnley Principal's 4.0 Award
Richards Finnley Work Habits
Rivera Alyna Principal's 4.0 Award
Rivera Alyna Work Habits
Ruybal Lilyanna Honors
Sagrati Sofia Honors
Scarbrough Chloe Honors
Setter Elise High Honors
Setter Elise Work Habits
Shefte Christopher Honors
Slucki Nathan Principal's 4.0 Award
Slucki Bayla High Honors
Snyder Clodagh High Honors
Snyder Clodagh Work Habits
Spratlen Evan High Honors
Srivastava Sia High Honors
Srivastava Sia Work Habits
Stephenson Lilly High Honors
Stevens Ella High Honors
Stratton Jake Honors
Taglialavore Taya Honors
Varnell Emilie Principal's 4.0 Award
Varnell Emilie Work Habits
Vu Thien Principal's 4.0 Award
Wagner Brandt High Honors
Whitehouse Jack Principal's 4.0 Award
Whitehouse Jack Work Habits
Whitner Grace Honors
Williams Adrianna Principal's 4.0 Award
Wojciechowski Claire High Honors
Zeiger Eliana Principal's 4.0 Award
Zeiger Eliana Work Habits

8th Grd. Honor Roll

Aguilar Urbieta Derek Honors
Babinger Morgan Honors
Beck Sarah High Honors
Beck Sarah Wrk. Habits
Bowman Jackson Honors
Bui Aylie High Honors
Bunting Lily Honors
Callinan Audrey Honors
Carlile Leah High Honors
Carlile Leah Wrk. Habits
Cass Hudson Honors
Ceja Adam Honors
Clark Mason Principal's 4.0 Award
Davis Anna High Honors
Davis Ian Honors
Davis Anna Wrk. Habits
DeBolt Ellyse Honors
DeBolt Ellyse Wrk. Habits
Dingwell Tara Honors
Drummond Athena Honors
Egloff Deme Honors
Erickson Bodie High Honors
Erwood Cecelia Honors
FitzSimmons Beckett Honors
Friedman Luke Honors
Geigle Jonathan Honors
Gillies Grayson High Honors
Gilloth Charlie Honors
Greer Amelia High Honors
Greer Amelia Wrk. Habits
Grooms Rylnn Honors
Guthrie Tanner Honors
Haworth Parker Honors
Haworth Parker Wrk. Habits
Hemmat Avery Honors
Herrera Regina Honors
Ho Jerryn High Honors
Ho Jerryn Wrk. Habits
Hoff Malia Principal's 4.0 Award
Hoff Malia Wrk. Habits
Hudson Phoebe High Honors
Jacobo Ramirez Michelle Honors
Jones Sophia Honors
Jost Aleah High Honors
Jost Aleah Wrk. Habits
Julcarima Randy Honors
Julcarima Randy Wrk. Habits
Kis Lily Honors
Knoblock Ashlynn Honors
Krueger Lukas Honors
Land Carter High Honors
Land Carter Wrk. Habits
Lessmann Wyatt Honors
Lopez Smith Gabriel High Honors
Magana Fernando Honors
Manley Madison Principal's 4.0 Award
Manley Madison Wrk. Habits
Manzanares Malachi Honors
Marshall Brooke High Honors
Meltzner Jace Honors
Miller Magnus High Honors
Miller Tristen Honors
Miller Magnus Wrk. Habits
Mitchell Mason Principal's 4.0 Award
Mitchell Mason Wrk. Habits
Moore Spencer Honors
Moxon Emmett Honors
Murillo J C Honors
Nelligan Clare Principal's 4.0 Award
Nelligan Clare Wrk. Habits
Orozco Saul Honors
Orozco Saul Wrk. Habits
Orullian Sophee Honors
Overbaugh Deakin Honors
Pfister Isabelle Honors
Phan Aiden Principal's 4.0 Award
Pitts Ellis Honors
Plotnik Oskar Honors
Post Alegra High Honors
Post Alegra Wrk. Habits
Potvin Dawson High Honors
Pryor Maxwell Honors
Rangel Trystan Honors
Reynolds Reese Honors
Rivera Journey Honors
Sagrati Bennett Honors
Samson Avery Honors
Samson Avery Wrk. Habits
Saunders Kate High Honors
Saunders Kate Wrk. Habits
Schmidt Sofia Principal's 4.0 Award
Schmidt Sofia Wrk. Habits
Scott Landyn High Honors
Seese Jamison Honors
Sexton Colin Honors
Sherman Zachary Principal's 4.0 Award
Simonton Crum Caleb Honors
Springer Henry Honors
Springer Henry Wrk. Habits
Thompson Gavin Honors
Toffoli Addison Principal's 4.0 Award
Toffoli Addison Wrk. Habits
Toroslu Leo High Honors
Townsend Colin Honors
Trujillo Jackson Honors
Vashchenko Victor Honors
Velasquez Mary Ashley Honors
Viita Audrey Honors
Viita Luke Honors
Whitner Logan Honors
Woodyard Sadie Principal's 4.0 Award
Woodyard Sadie Wrk. Habits
Wright Ezra Wrk. Habits