The Goddard Middle School Intramural Sports program is designed to involve all students at all grades and skill level.  GMS follows a "no cut" policy.  At GMS, we emphasize participation over competition. Sports related activities & intramurals will be held either before or after school. Buses are provided if the team travels to another school to compete. There are Activity/Late Buses available for the regular bus rider. Please check the Daily Announcements, the School Activity Calendar, or the individual sports page to learn about the schedule & coach's contact information. Fees will be determined by the Littleton Board of Education. Cross Country may have additional entry fees for meets. The following are the sports Goddard offers:

Join up, meet new friends, and have fun!

* The asterisk indicates athletics that are considered clubs as they do not compete against the other Littleton Middle Schools.  As clubs, participants are required to pay the fee of $20 per club rather than the athletics fee.


Participation fees for interscholastic athletics are as follows:

6th grade, $20.00 per sport
7th grade, $20.00 per sport
8th grade, $30.00 per sport

If you have any questions concerning the activity program at Goddard Middle School please feel free to contact Ms. Henry at 303/347-7866 or Carolyn Moretti, Athletic Director @ cmoretti[at][dot]us