Special Education


LPS places a high value on supporting every student to meet their learning potential. Students with disabilities, preschool through age 21, receive support in all district schools. A priority is to include every student in general education while recognizing and meeting individual needs through special education resources.

We at Goddard strive to provide the support that our students need in order to be as successful as possible in the school environment. Specialists in the area of Special Education, General Education teachers, and Paraprofessionals all work collaboratively to aid all of our students in achieving their highest potential.


All LPS schools provide identification services to determine a student’s eligibility for special education services. If you are concerned about your child, please contact your school directly.

Identification Process for Parents


Each school site has a Learning Support Services team of professionals that can vary according to the needs of students in the building. Additionally, the District has a variety of center-based programs designed to provide more intensive support.

Preparing for the IEP -Podcast for Parents

IEP Services - Podcast for Parents


Special Education Personnel:

Learning Support Services

Janet Castleton: 6th & 7th grade case manager 303-734-6201

Britt Gilla: 7th grade case manager and Dept. Co-Chair 303-734-6179

Danielle Prince, 8th case manager and Dept. Co-Chair 303-734-6208

Carolyn Hammonds:  SLP 303-734-3852

Bree Dougan: School Psychologist 303-347-6196

Jill Quinlan: Occupational Therapist 303-734-7886

Nancy Cozart: Vision Specialist 303-734-3090

Denise Lee: Paraprofessional

Amy Riedel: Paraprofessional

Bridgette Bonner: Paraprofessional

Eileen Villanueba: Paraprofessional