Pay Fees


Parents, this year, all fees will be made directly through your Parent Portal Accounts, under the "Fees" link.  You can make payments beginning July 7th at noon. If you cannot access your parent portal account, please email Julie Fitchett (jfitchett[at][dot]us) with your student's full name and your full name.  Please note: the office will be closed beginning June 10th until July 19th and we will not be able to assist with parent portal accounts during this time.


Mail or bring in fee sheet, to Bookkeeper, to pay by check or cash. Our Bookkeeper will be available beginning August 2nd. Again, we cannot accept credit cards at the school office. Or pay fees, at our Open House, Friday, August 6th from 9:00 - 12:00. If you need to set up a payment plan, please speak to our bookkeeper.

6th Grade Fees 21-22.pdf

7th Grade Fees 21-22.pdf

8th Grade Fees 21-22.pdf



If you would like to load money onto your student's lunch account, please do so by clicking on the “Piggy Bank Icon/Pay Lunch Fees”, on the GMS home page. You will be re-directed to the LPS Nutrition Services Lunch Account website. Please note, the money will not show in your student's account for 24 hours. Balances in this account stay with your student until they graduate or leave LPS.



If you are interested in applying for Free & Reduced Lunch, please go to: and apply online or call and request a paper application be mailed to you. GMS also has paper applications available. For quick & efficient service, online applications are best. Please call Nutrition Services, 303-347-3360. Please note, this is an application that must be done ANNUALLY.