First Day of School



  • In an effort to reduce the number class transitions, limit the size of classes and the number of student groups an individual student may be interacting with throughout the day, we will be grouping our students by last name (this keeps families on the same schedule) and following an A Day/B Day Block schedule.  

    • A Days will ONLY be students with the last names A-K.  
    • B Days will ONLY be students with the last names L-Z.   
    • A Days will be Monday and Thursday

    • B Days will be Tuesday and Friday

    • Wednesdays will be remote learning days at home for all students.

  • Classes on in-person learning days will average below 15 students per class.
  • Students will follow the same schedule regardless if we are in this blending learning model or if we go to a full distance learning model at any time during the school year. 

  • Student support services including Literacy Support, GT Services, English Language Development and Special Education Services and Mental Health Services and Support will be in place to meet student needs to the best of our ability.  

  • In an effort to limit student contacts, there are no field trips, assemblies or large gatherings for the first semester. 

  • Students will be utilizing Google Classroom as a support for learning during the instructional day.  Our teachers will be using Google Classroom to support learning whether we are in person learning or if we move to a distance learning platform at any time during the school year.