Library Lab Reservations

Look at the Calendars for open times. You must be logged into your staff Google account to view both the calendar schedules and to submit a request. Keep in mind that times are "generic."  Instead, pay attention to the periods since times will be different on different days like late starts, assembly schedules, etc. yet remain the same on the calendars. If you see an event listed at the top of the date prefaced with "All Day" (i.e. All Day - MAP testing), the lab is unavailable all day.

If you see an opening on the day(s) and period (s) you want, please complete the computer lab request form. Requests are processed in the order they are received, so please plan ahead when attempting to reserve a lab and please realize that there might be another request for the same day/period that you are requesting. You will know if the lab is scheduled for you by checking back and looking on the lab calendars to confirm your reservation. Please give a reasonable amount of time for your request to be entered. We are not notified of entered requests until the following morning. We check requests once a day.

If you need to cancel a request, please email Alexis Tritz or enter your changes into the request form.

Computer Lab Request Form