Welcome to Gudy Gaskill Elementary; home of the Trailblazers!

At Gaskill Elementary, our staff looks forward to building relationships with all students and families in the community. Student success is at the center of what we believe. Through teamwork with all stakeholders including staff, community, parents, and students we will collaboratively have continued success. 

At Gaskill, we recognize the need to address both academic as well as social emotional needs of all students. Our mission is to create an inclusive community where children and adults thrive in an engaging and joyful learning environment, where differences are cherished, growth is celebrated and we feel safe taking risks as we blaze our own trails.

A Trailblazer is defined as "a pioneer, an innovator, a person who makes a new track ". Trailblazers are known to be creative problem solvers, willing to embrace an idea. They empathize with others and are comfortable adapting in the moment. Trailblazers are inspired to live life well and look for deeper knowledge and understanding.  Students can be a trailblazer in many ways and paths in life. 

The Gaskill team is looking forward to a wonderful school year. We look forward to connecting and/or reconnecting with each of you throughout the year. Please stop by to say hello. If you ever have questions, concerns, or celebrations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to partnering with you to make our students successful. 


Leslie Dominick
Principal, Gudy Gaskill Elementary