Conference sign-up links are now closed. If you need to schedule or reschedule your conference please reach out to your student's teacher directly. Thank you.

Melissa Tardif
Jamie Beecher
Aubree Woltcamp
Natalie Kraft

First Grade
Lindsay Morgan
Brenna Pervin
Natalie Irwin
Samantha Vincenski

Second Grade
Carol Macklem
Allison Fox
Jenny Dissler
Katie Hopper

Third Grade
Tia Whitehouse
Robyn Tripp
Maria Gallegos Banta

Fourth Grade
Lisa Banks
Krista Williams
Katie Trunnel
Jaclyn Petty

Fifth Grade
Alberta Maybee
Chris Sanning
Kylee Lautenbach

Emily Abell

Sam Kelly, Kelley Devore, Scarlett Lammers, Adam Michaelson

Sue Gwillim, Carla Collier (will attend classroom teacher's conferences)