1. Please call the attendance line at 303-734-3200 FOR ALL ABSENCES (illness, routine doctor appointments, etc).
  2. Complete this form if you are reporting ANY ILLNESS or a COVID-19 positive case/exposure:

Illness and COVID-19 Exposure Form

  1. Por favor llame a la línea de asistencia al 303-734-3200 PARA TODAS LAS AUSENCIAS (enfermedades, citas médicas de rutina, etc).
  2. Complete este formulario si está reportando CUALQUIER ENFERMEDAD o un caso/exposición positiva de COVID-19:

Formulario de Enfermedad y Exposición al  COVID-19



The following flow chart will be used as a guideline when attendance is reviewed:

Both Excused and Unexcused days missed will be counted.

*NOTE: Notifying us of an absence does not excuse the absence. Excused absences include court appointments or doctor/dentist appointments accompanied with an appropriate note given to the front office to be kept in the student’s file. Illnesses will be excused, however, an illness that extends 3 or more consecutive days will require a doctor's note. The LPS District average is 3 absences per year.

For the safety of all of our students, please call in all absences and tardies to the attendance line at 303-734-3200.

Our students are an important part of our community, having them here at school each day matters!

After a student has missed 5 days of school…

Our families can expect a phone call from their child’s classroom teacher sharing concern around the content students are missing. 

After a student has missed 8 days of school…

Our families can expect a letter in the mail from a school administrator indicating requirements necessary to excuse future absences. 

After a student has missed 10 days of school…

Our families can expect a phone call from a school administrator requesting a conference. The LPS school Engagement Specialist will be invited to offer support and creative problem solving.

After a student has missed 20% of the school year…

Our families can expect a letter from the District School Engagement Specialist and a plan will be created to prevent potential truancy court.  

Attendance Line: 303-

Homework Makeup (after an absence): Teachers will give students their homework AFTER they return from the absence. Homework will be collected for students in the event of the absence and students have the number of days to complete the homework equal to the number of days missed. For instance, if 2 days of school are missed, then homework will need to be turned in 2 days after students return.