Mission / Vision/ Collective Commitments



At Gudy Gaskill Elementary School our mission is to create an inclusive community where children and adults thrive in an engaging and joyful learning environment, where differences are cherished, growth is celebrated and we feel safe taking risks as we blaze our own trails.

Our Compass

We believe that in order to map out our greatest destinies at Gudy Gaskill Elementary we will:

  • Explore relationships through purpose and compassion.
  • Navigate life long learning through collaborative Professional Learning Communities.
  • Shepherd our students into a united culture of acceptance, inclusion and celebration.
  • Discover high levels of learning with confidence and growth.
  • Foster social-emotional and academic improvement through reflection on our practice.
  • Ensure a collective effort to connect with other’s names, strengths and needs.

Collective Commitments

  • Believe in our students, each other, and ourselves. 
  • Nurture communities where students feel they belong, find joy and build a growth mindset. 
  • Ensure every student will have multiple adult connections.
  • Collaborate in our PLC groups around the four guiding questions in order to:
    • Align instruction using standards based learning targets while monitoring students’ evolving needs
    • Develop opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding and monitor growth
    • Adjust instruction and provide flexible groupings to differentiate for student needs 
  • Create learning environments which are student centered, allow for various learning styles and showcase student achievement. 
  • Include families in conversations about student growth and provide resources to help support learning. 
  • Listen with compassion and embrace and model vulnerability, to engage in meaningful conversations that enhance our professional skills.