1st - 5th Graders

Centennial Academy is privileged to house a state-of-the-art piano lab equipped with 26 electronic keyboards. All are interfaced with a teacher’s station. This lab provides individual as well as group instruction with leveled classes. Students learn to read music, count rhythms, use basic keyboard skills and perform. Studies have shown that students who take piano lessons improve in other areas of study, especially math. In addition, students who learn to play an instrument such as the piano develop life-long skills that will have a positive and profound impact on other aspects of their lives!

Please note the following expectations for piano students and their parents:

  • A piano at home is not required.
  • Use the keyboards, headphones and lesson books as instructed and with great care.
  • Attend all performances and recitals. Attendance at an in-class recital is required in order to be considered for an arts program assembly.
  • Accept the terms of the Instrument Use Contract for the piano lab.

Because we are a fine arts school, classroom work in the piano lab as well as performances is an essential component of the curriculum. Attendance at all performances (one each semester) and recitals (one in-class recital each semester) is an opportunity to showcase the great progress our students have made in the class, and it helps students develop poise, self discipline and confidence. Performance attendance is mandatory.