Performance Attire

Dress Code Expectations for Winter & Spring Arts Performances

Because we are an arts school and have high expectations in all areas for our students, it is important that your child look polished and blend with the other performers. Now is the time to make certain your child has these clothes for the upcoming performances in December. Please make sure your child wears the following:

Dressy white on top and black on the bottom

  • Solid-color BLACK dress pants (no stripes, no gray, no navy blue, no blue jeans!)
  • Solid-color black leggings are okay
  • Solid-color black skirts are okay—NO short skirts!
  • Solid-color white shirt (no designs or large logos)
  • No boots or high heels!  Black shoes are preferred but are not required.

This attire is required for performances only. Students are NOT required to wear the above to in-class recitals, demonstrations or rehearsals unless specifically requested by their arts teacher.

Your child will not be allowed to perform if s/he is not wearing appropriate performance attire as outlined above.