Course Descriptions

Not all courses are offered every semester and are subject to change. 
*Core Fine Arts Class - taught by a professional artist 

Visual Arts

*Journey in Visual Arts (2&3) and Marvelous Mixed Media (4&5)
Explore art making with a professional artist using a variety of media and tools in new ways.

Create original fired clay works of art.  Use handbuilding techniques (pinch, coil & slab), add texture, and glaze your creations to transform wet mud into fired glass.

Poetry & Painting (4&5)
Poems help us see pictures in our minds.  Learn to read and understand poetry and create paintings using poems for inspiration.

Cartooning (2&3)
Draw cartoon-like characters and actual cartoon characters.  Work on visual spacing of how to draw a face and body so the proportions are correct. 

Art of Storytelling (2&3)
Course description coming soon.
First Drawing (2&3)
Discover the basics of drawing as you use lines, shapes and color to create finished works of art while building fine motor skills.

Zentangles (4&5)
Develop skills to draw traditional zentangle patterns as well as create some of your own. Use your skills to create art with a partner or individually. Discover how you can use zentangles as a calming tool.

The Art of Collage (2&3)
Learn how to create an artistic composition made of various materials (such as paper, cloth, or cut pictures from magazines to make a collage with a theme or message).

Arts Enrichment Classes

Scratch (4&5)

Use basic programming language to create projects and works of art on the computer.  (Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children and a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows young people to create digital stories, games, and animations. Scratch promotes computational thinking and problem solving skills, creative teaching and learning, self-expression and collaboration, and equity in computing.)

Performing Arts (Vocal Music, Dance & Theater)

*Primary Choir (Grades 2 & 3)
Students will develop all the skills necessary to be a successful member of a vocal ensemble, including good posture, abdominal breathing, matching pitch and singing in unison, reading a musical score, following the cues of a conductor, singing in 2-part rounds and partner songs, and basic choir etiquette.

*Centennial Singers NEW TEACHER (Grades 4, & 5)
Centennial Singers will continue to uphold the tradition of fine choral singing established by the intermediate choir in recent years. Students will develop the skills as listed in primary choir at a deeper level by learning to sing choral literature with more challenging harmonies and parts. Students in this group MUST be able to match pitch and echo-sing simple melodic phrases in order to participate. 

*Dance Creator Lab! (2-5)
Bring a friend and learn to create your own dances that will "WOW" your family and friends.

*It's A Dance Party! (4&5)
Bring a friend and Join Mrs. Hunt and Mr. Truth to learn social dances such as the Cha-Cha, Salsa, and Waltz along with other party line dances. 

*Lyrical/Creative Dance (2&3, 4&5)
Discover ballet, jazz and modern dance styles and use music with lyrics.  Express your individual style, tell stories and develop proper technique in this unique dance combination.

*Open-Style Dance (4&5)
Combine popular dance movements along with popping, locking, tricks, and freestyle. This upbeat class will provide fundamental movement skills that will allow you to feel comfortable dancing with other classmates and in social settings.

*Awesome Actors (2&3)
Learn the tricks of the acting trade! Discover traditional theater warm-up games, work with other actors to create scenes, and work on listening and focus techniques.

*Stage Stars (2&3)
Discover what live theater is. Explore the terms and types of theater, expand social skills through dramatic play, and bring characters and emotions to life.

*Acting Workshop (4&5)
Acting Workshop celebrates the art of theater. Learn skills to navigate the stage with grace and expression. Through stage exercises and creating skits, you will develop how to think quickly, how to listen to other actors, and the 'give & take' needed to effectively perform in small groups.

*Showtime (4&5) - Play Production
Want to be an actor? Get familiar with the world of live theater as you experience how to be part of our cast. You will learn the focus that it takes to perform in a play through auditioning for your role, memorizing your lines and entrances, wearing costumes, learning vocal projection, working through nerves, and enjoying the applause on performance day! 


Instrumental Music

*Piano Keyboard Lab (Grades 2-5)
Develop basic piano skills in our amazing piano lab!  You will learn proper piano technique, how to play simple songs and music reading skills. No keyboard is required at home.  Enrollment is at our discretion.  Piano students must be able to work independently and therefore utilize individual practice time in the class setting.

Beginning Band Brass Instruments (Grades 4 & 5) - Enroll only Fall semester - Year-long class

  • Trumpet - Trombone - Baritone

Learn to make sound on a brass instrument by buzzing your lips into a mouthpiece.  Trumpet and Baritone horns have valve buttons to press.  Trombone has a slide to move from note-to-note.

Beginning Band Woodwind Instruments (Grades 4 & 5) Enroll only Fall semester - Year-long class

  • Clarinet - Saxophone - Flute

Learn how to play a single-reed instrument. Learn all about how to make a good sound and how to produce different notes with your instrument. Both clarinets and saxophones have keys/buttons to press to make a sound. We will emphasize concert band woodwind and large ensemble techniques in this course. 

Beginning Band Percussion (Grades 4 & 5) Enroll only Fall semester - Year-long class

  • Bells - Snare Drum - Auxiliary Percussion (triangles, shakers, woodblocks, etc.)

Learn how to read concert band music and collaborate with your peers to play percussion ensemble pieces. You will be introduced to the basics of being a part of a drumline in this course. You will also show your creativity by composing your own percussion pieces! 

*This class is available to students who would normally sign up for flute - they will learn on the bell kit this semester in order to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines. 

*Handchimes (2&3, 4&5)
Create a beautiful tone from a Schulmerich hand chime.  Learn how to follow a musical score written for 3-octave handbells as well as understand musical measures and phrases.  We will emphasize ensemble skills as we learn to play beautiful music together.

*Jumbie Jams (4&5)
Build your skills with a pair of jumbie sticks.  Make videos performing pop, classical, and reggae songs in a Steel Drum Band!

*Soprano Ukulele Ensemble (2&3)
Learn to play simple songs on the tiny soprano ukulele. This is a great instrument to learn in preparation for taking baritone ukulele or guitar lessons as the chords learned on the ukulele transfer easily to the other instruments!

*Sticks and Tones (2&3)
Learn to play instruments in an Orff ensemble. With an Orff ensemble, students use poems and short stories to inspire instrumental improvisation and composition. Students play xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, small percussion instruments, and drums. Improvised and choreographed movement is another component students may explore to accompany their instrumental retelling of chosen literature.

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