Welcome to Runyon!

Welcome to Damon Runyon Elementary School!  Damon Runyon is a wonderful school that believes in educating your whole child from social-emotional education to academic education. Runyon is a community that embraces our students, parents, and staff.  When walking the halls of Runyon Elementary, our students are actively learning and consistently engaged in rigorous instruction that supports both academic and social-emotional growth. Runyon is a warm, inclusive, and welcoming environment where staff and parents work together to ensure all of our students have an outstanding learning experience.  We believe in building a strong relationship between home and school.  Our staff has a strong commitment to ensuring that our students are learning, growing, and succeeding to their highest potential.


Nicolette Vander Velde


Mission Statement

The Littleton Public School District shall strive to educate all students for the future by challenging every individual to continuously learn, achieve, and act with purpose and compassion in a safe and secure environment.

Vision Statement

Littleton Public Schools: Extraordinary learning, exceptional community, expanded opportunity and success for all students.