Instructional Coach/Literacy Specialist

Dear Parents,

Early reading and writing skills are necessary for lifelong success. Proficient readers open doors to opportunities that last a lifetime. Developing proficient reading skills is an important goal at Runyon. We view all students as learners and capable of continuously achieving.

The Early Intervention Reading program supplements reading and writing instruction for identified students in kindergarten through third grade. In August, teachers and our Literacy Team administer numerous reading assessments to individual students. We create small reading groups for students found reading below grade level to target specific needs. Lessons may include phonemic awareness, word attack strategies, comprehension skills, vocabulary development, and writing skills. We often implement an Orton-Gillingham reading approach to strengthen our students' ability to learn sounds and decode new words. We notify parents if their child qualifies for additional literacy support before groups begin.

If you have questions, please contact Jenna Southern by email: jsouthern[at][dot]us.



Curriculum Highlights

To find your child's grade curriculum please select the link below.

Kindergarten Curriculum Highlights Link

First Grade Curriculum Highlights Link

Second Grade Curriculum Highlights Link

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Fifth Grade Curriculum Highlights Link



Support Reading at Home

How Can I Help at Home?

Please provide time, space and plenty of reading material for your child to enjoy reading daily. We encourage all students to create reading habits that will last a lifetime. Visit the library often. Talk about books as you eat dinner and travel in the car. Find favorite authors and write to them. Who knows? An author may write you back! Make reading a priority in your home. Limit screen time (TV, Computer, Iphone) so children have time to actively engage their minds in stories.

If your child is having difficulty with reading, please speak to your child's teacher to find out what specific goals your child is focusing on in the classroom. We view parents as a necessary part of the team to help your child succeed.

Jenna Southern