How can I tell if there are school closures due to weather? 

The possibility of school closure exists from time to time due to severe weather conditions, a utility failure of some type, etc. When this situation occurs, we may find it necessary to send our students home from school earlier than usual. On such days when the weather is questionable, please tune in to your local TV or radio station for information about early school closure.  In some cases, you may learn of the closing of the school before school employees do.  Please do not call the school for confirmation of the public messages. A school closure form will be sent home in your child's school packet.  

Some local stations and their call numbers are:

FM RADIO: KYGO 98.5  KBCO  97.3  KOSI  101.1
AM RADIO: KOA  850   KHOW 630   KE2W  1430
TV CHANNELS  2, 4, 7 & 9

You can also visit the district website.

Can I visit my child's classroom?

We invite you to visit your child's classroom during the school year.  These visits provide an excellent opportunity to know the teacher and see your child participating and learning in a stimulating classroom environment.  The visits will be most profitable if you will adhere to the following suggestions:

1. Contact the teacher first, either by email or by telephone, and together arrange for your visit.  In this way, you will not interrupt the administration of a test or appear during the middle of a recitation.
2. Preschoolers should not accompany you on visits.  They only tend to distract you from your main objective of observing the experiences your child is having during your stay.
3. Any questions arising from your visitation should be discussed with the teacher at a conference planned between you and the teacher.  This procedure will allow for a smooth continuation of the planned teacher-pupil day.
4. Children are not allowed to visit classes unless accompanied by an adult, preferably the parent.  All visitors must check in with the office upon entering the building and before visiting the classroom.


What is an "Inside Day" at Runyon?


  • The Dean or office staff will decide when it is an inside day.
  • Students should be sent to school with warm clothing in anticipation of being outside.
  • The "Inside Day" sign will appear at the entrances to the building informing the students that they are to come directly into the building.
  • Pupils should go directly to the classroom.
  • Inside days will occur if the temperature falls below 20 degrees F.
  • Teachers may permit students to go outside for a short period, so make sure your child(ren) brings/wears appropriate clothing.


How do I add funds to my child's lunch account?
Please Click here.

What are PLC Days?
Professional Learning Community (PLC) 

PLCs are teams of teachers who work together to clarify the intended outcomes for each grade level, or course, or unit of instruction. These teams then develop common assessments that they consider valid measures of student mastery. The individual teams then jointly analyze students’ achievement data, draw conclusions, and establish team improvement goals. 

Our teams at Runyon are organized by grade level with additional certified teachers serving on various teams. Special Area teachers (Art, Music, Physical Education) function as one PLC team. 

Each team consistently addresses the following four questions: 

What is it we expect the kids to learn? 
How will we know they learned it? 
How will we respond when they don’t learn? 
How will we respond when they already know it?