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Whenever possible, children should be given needed medication by their parents at home. Littleton Public Schools encourages parents to work with their doctors to prescribe dosages that can be given at home rather than at school. However, if children must receive medication during the school day, it must be given by a registered nurse or someone under the direction and supervision of the nurse. For full details on Littleton Public Schools medication policy please click here.

The school must have a permission signed by both parent and physician that clearly states the name of the medication, dose, and the exact time it is to be administered at school. Please use the Medication Authorization form for any medication brought to school.

Ralph Moody is an allergy aware school.  We work diligently with staff, parents and students to support those with food allergies.  Parents of students with severe food allergies are asked to contact the school nurse consultant

Parents often ask about support for students with nut/peanut allergies:

  • Parents, staff and students are asked to refrain from sending or eating peanuts or nuts or food items containing peanuts or nuts. This is particularly important for classroom snacks and activities that involve food.
  • Parents are encouraged to look at our list of peanut/nut free snack ideas.
  • Our cafeteria has a designated nut free table. 
  • School staff  work with students to reinforce hand washing, not sharing food, checking food labels and asking an adult for help


​We appreciate everyone being vigilant in our combined efforts to keep children safe.

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