School Counselor


Erika Alpern

Elementary School Counseling is about helping students achieve academic success, getting along with others, and making positive choices. We work to create a caring community by teaching all students ‘Bully-proofing’ in the fall and following up with ‘Caring Community’ recognition in the winter. 

The three rules for bully-proofing are:

  • We will not bully other students. 
  • We will help others who are being bullied by speaking out and getting adult help.
  • We will use extra effort to include all students in activities at our school.

Along with teaching bully-proofing techniques, Ralph Moody uses a school-wide PBS approach. Positive Behavior Support includes strategies for teaching behavior expectations, opportunities to practice what is expected, and positive recognition for desirable behaviors.

The staff has approved school-wide expectations for all of our students to learn and put into practice. Please become familiar with our RAMS Pride.

Respect yourself, others and property 
Accept responsibility 
Make safe choices 
Show excellence 

If you have any questions about classroom lessons, please call Erika Alpern at 303-347-4619. 


What services are available through the Counseling office?

New Student Orientation  helps make starting a new school a positive experience by familiarizing students to where things are located, who works here, how to make friends, and what the expectations are at Moody.

Classroom Lessons  An overview of school rules and expectations, a review of ‘Bully-proofing,’ Friendship and Conflict Resolution skills will be taught in all classrooms this fall. Reminding all students of these positive expectations and skills helps make the entire year better for everyone. Follow up throughout the year will focus on building a ‘Caring Community’ and ‘Character Counts.’

Conflict Resolution  Helping students resolve conflicts and teaching them to solve problems is an important skill that elementary children will learn. Students gain the skills and confidence to solve many of their own problems.

Discipline  When students make poor choices, we want them to learn from their mistakes. Consequently, the counselor may talk with students about making better choices in the future.

Student Support Groups  Parent permission is required to participate in a group. Group time is chosen with the teacher's input to be the least disruptive to the academic day.

Crisis Assistance  Students in crisis may request assistance. If students come in more than once, or for anything significant, parent permission is required before further assistance can be given.

Referral to Local Agencies  Information about local resources and agencies that offer assistance to families is available upon request.

Lending Library for Parents  Helpful parenting books and videos are available in the counseling office for checkout.