Educational Programs

The watchword is rigorous and the basic skills are emphasized through a balanced program of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, the following programs enrich the Ralph Moody students’ educational experience.
  • Bridges Math 
  • Gifted & Talented - The focus of this program is to enhance individual strengths of high ability K-5 students beyond the regular classroom instruction. This includes a special class for identified high achievers in grades 3, 4, and 5.
  • Media Center - Ralph Moody’s 16,000+ books expand learning beyond our walls.
  • Music - Music is an important component of education at Ralph Moody Elementary School. Students in kindergarten to fifth grade experience music through singing, playing instruments, listening, history, multiculturalism, movement and dance, reading, music theory, and technology resulting in a well-rounded music education experience.
  • Physical Education - Students receive regular instruction promoting physical conditioning, sportsmanship, and the development of motor skills.
  • All Day Kindergarten - Ralph Moody Elementary offers free all day kindergarten. Our program focuses on the academic and social strengths and needs of each child. We combine a strong academic curriculum with hands-on activities to engage children to learn.
  • Special Reading, Math, and K-5 Intervention programs provide supplemental support through small group instruction.
  • Special Needs - These students are served by a speech pathologist, a psychologist, and resource teachers specifically trained to help students grow.
  • Counselor - Elementary counseling is about helping students with academic success, getting along with others, taking good care of themselves, and safety. Every child should be able to come to school and feel both physically and emotionally safe. We work to create a caring community by teaching all students ‘Bully-proofing’ in the fall and following up with ‘Caring Community’ recognition and ‘Character Counts’ traits during the year.

    Services available through the counseling office include: New student orientation classes, conflict resolution with students, crisis assistance, referrals to local agencies, lending library for parents and classroom lessons where all students are taught the school rules & expectations, ‘Bully-proofing’ lessons, friendship skills.

5th grade Robotics Club: We are excited to bring a STEM Robotics Club to all of our 5th graders through Project Lead the Way.  As we prepare for the start of this club, we were honored to accept a grant from Groove Automotive for $3500 to help offset the cost of iPads, new projectors, teacher training and the robotics kits.  The total cost of the club is $7400.00.  We are seeking out other grant opportunities to help fund this program as well as private donations.