Volunteering at LPCS

Volunteering at LPCS

Volunteering at Littleton Prep


As a charter school, our families are requested to serve 20 hours of volunteering per school year. We offer many ways for you to reach this goal, through fundraisers and social events as well as providing much needed help for our wonderful teaching staff. For more information, read our Welcome Book!

Some examples of what events qualify for volunteer hours are:

  • Attending a POPS meeting may equal 1 hour
  • Attending a Governing Board meeting may equal 2 or more hours
  • Serving lunch at school equals 2 hours
  • Preparing food for hospitality events
  • Used Uniform Sale may equal 3 or more hours
  • Book Fairs may equal 2 or more hours
  • Griffin Gallop may equal 3 or more hours        
  • Babysitting for another family while they are volunteering


We need your help; we can’t do it without you!  Check out how to sign up for Volunteer Opportunities - please email the volunteer coordinator for available slots to get those annual hours completed!! lpcsvips[at]gmail[dot]com


**This year an option of a parent  to “Buy Out” is offered.  Families can choose to pay $200 in lieu of volunteering. The form is available online under forms on the website.  Deadline 12/31/21.