Staff Roster


Leah Jones

Bryce Martin

Physical Education
Vincent DeMarco 

Tony Bodily

Media Center
Marisa Mitchell
Amy Shimniok

Student Support Services

Gifted and Talented
Alyson Slocum

Rigor and Engagement Specialist
Kirsten Southern

Resource Program
Kate Gresock
Sarah Slaght
Megan Souther

Literacy Specialist
Nicole Book
Valerie Taft

English Language Development
Sasha Anthamattan

Family Liason
Cass Huffman

Center Based Program
Collin Brothers
Jennifer Campbell
Emily York

Speech Language Pathology
Emily Keasler
Kirsten Vitale

Occupational Therapist
Gretchen Astone
Maddie Pollak

Social Emotional Learing

School Psychologists
Jill Lewis
Nancy Zizzo

School Counselors
Ilana Craddock
Dayna Kohn

Visually Impared Student Support
Nancy Cozart
Christine Forner


Teresa Burden

Assistant Principal
Christy Swafford

Assistant Principal
Megan Oaster

Instructional Coach
Betsy Maletz

Rana van Leeuwen
Katie Adamson
Bonnie Murray

Health Assistant
Becky Hall
Stephanie Lagerborg

Tech Support
Ian Lee

Paraprofessional Support

Barb Coates
Vicky Girard
Christopher Steffen
Laura Stanley
Rhonda Royster

1st Grade
Joni Blackie
Erin Weston

2nd Grade
Lindsay Benson
Brittany Ross

3rd Grade
Kylee Duff
Alica Kopsa
Steph Jeffries

4th/5th Grade
Nancy Kastanek
Taylor Kolberg
Abby Fisch

Tracy Ruiz

Audrey Jessen
Kate Lohringel

Center Based
Brittany Anderson
Angelica Contreras Casillas
Amanda Hastings
Mallory McEwen
Maribeth Natale
Amey Oliva
Rachel Smith
Laura Stenzel

Support Staff

Veronica Oliva
Rosa Murillo

Nutrition Services
Geremiah Foyle - Nutrition Manager
Theresa Nau
Sara Guidera
Angela Vincent

Steph Mackelburger - Program Manager
Ashleigh Maier - Assistant Manager

Activity Leads
Bella Lawrence
​Rachael Raymond
Kaycee McMaster
Hannah Stringfellow

Activity Aides
Jackie Farley
Henry Fraser
Cassidy Mantro
Kelsey Moore
Claudia Thompson

Resource Officer
Officer John Gray