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Welcome Field Families! We are excited to start the 2024-2025 school year with your children, and look forward to working along side our parents as partners! On this page you will find useful information to guide you throughout the year. If you have questions, please call the office at 303-347-4475. 

Annual Family Check In
Every family must complete the 2024-2025 Annual Family Check-In through Infinite Campus.  To complete this step, a parent from the Primary Household must log into the Campus Portal, and then go to the Left Bar and on the botton, click on the "Annual Family Check In" link, parents will be taken directly into online registration.

Parents will verify, update or complete information about every member of their household including students at other LPS schools (if applicable). This means parents can complete registration for all their children at one time. Parents will also complete a series of permissions (media release, field trip permission, military release, etc.) and provide information traditionally listed on a student's emergency card (physician, emergency contacts, health issues, etc.).

* You may not use your child's student login to Infinite Campus Portal for this process. If you have not set up a parent login, see below.

** After you complete this process, you may notice that you continue to see a message in your Inbox that says
"Online Registration." This does not mean your submission was not accepted. After the registration window is closed (September 8th), you will no longer see this in your Inbox. Once you complete the confirmation submission, you may ignore the message in your Inbox.

If you cannot remember your Parent Login, or need help accessing the Parent Portal, call 303-347-4475 after August 1st.

Access the Campus Parent Portal 

Medication Authorization Forms
Please visit the LPS Health Services webpage for important information and forms if your student needs medication at school. If you have questions, call the office at 303-347-4475. The medication forms for you and your doctor to fill out are at the bottom of the page.