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Linnea Nelson (ELD Teacher)

Welcome to the fast paced world of Field's fourth grade! Our exciting units in Social Studies include the Regions of the United States. We conclude with an in-depth study of our own Colorado history with a field trip to the Plains Conservation Center. This "living history" day allows students the opportunity to learn what life might have been like in the late 1800's on the Colorado prairie. Our Science inquiry is designed for fourth graders to be "hands on!" We investigate shape and movement through the study of the Skeletal/Muscular system of the human body, "scratch up some dirt" with Rocks & Minerals, and explore man's fascination with Flight-Above and Beyond! All units involve reading in these content areas.

Fourth graders' specific reading skills are targeted through small group instruction of Guided Reading on a daily basis. They will also be receiving in-depth instruction in Writing to help them become effective and successful communicators. These methods enable students to become authentic authors and constructive critics. We have incorporated the Everyday Math into the curriculum. This interactive program enables all learners to become critical thinkers. Leadership plays an important role in how students conduct themselves here at Field. Our expectation is that all fourth graders demonstrate this quality throughout their day.

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