It was an absolute honor to witness the sheer joy of the following children as they were announced and given their "place" at the awards ceremony! They received a book by Carolyn Stutson and a Tattered Cover gift card. I couldn't be more proud of the efforts put forth not only by the winners, but by every child in our school who entered! Remember, this was an individual effort--NO parent or teacher help whatsoever!          -Mrs. Brotherton

Two categories: Short Story & Poem, prizes awarded by grade levels: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6
Congratulations to the following students:
Sam D. - 1st grade, Honorable Mention, Poem, 1/2 division
Zerah S. - 2nd grade, 4th Place, Poem, 1/2 division
Skylar G. - 5th grade, 2nd Place, Poem, 5/6 division
Zoe S. - 3rd grade, 3rd Place, Short Story, 3/4 division
Elleana D. - 5th grade, 4th Place, Short Story, 5/6 division AND 1st Place, Poem, 5/6 division
Kate B. - 2nd grade, 1st Place, Short Story, 1/2 division
Ava B.-3rd grade, 4th Place, Short Story, 3/4 division
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