PLATO Online

To access PLATO use the following information:
Account Login: lps6
PLATO Name: full first and last name, no spaces (ex. annaspillen)
Password: student lunch number (can be found on Infinite Campus)

Attached is the contract that students must sign when taking a PLATO course:
PLATO Policies for Options High School


Students will need to complete the following conditions to successfully receive credit for their course:

- Complete all tutorials and mastery tests (practice tests) for each individual unit and show staff notes before any unit or semester test will be unlocked
- Pass/Complete each unit test
- Pass/Complete each semester test
- Students are not always required to complete the off-line activities except when instructed by staff. If off-line packet IS required the student must complete the correlating section of the packet BEFORE taking each unit test online.

  • Students are expected to read course materials and take notes before attempting any test.

  • Tests must be taken on site during program hours.

  • Students may access PLATO curriculum 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere where there is a computer and access to the internet. 

  • If you fail a test, program staff can re-set the test for a second attempt provided you have taken NEW notes and can share them with a staff teacher. A failed test may only be re-set two times. If you do not pass the test after a third attempt, you may not earn credit for the class.

  • Make sure before starting any test that there is enough time to finish it. If you find you are not finished and the session is over, let a staff teacher know, save your work, and then log off.

  • Each PLATO course takes approximately 3 weeks to complete. You and your mentor teacher will meet and review your process weekly.

  • Students may be enrolled in two classes at one time.

  • Only the PLATO page and an appropriate music site (Pandora) may be open on the screen at all times.

  • Students who do not follow these polices will receive a warning and if the behavior continues afterwards, they will be sent home with an unexcused absence.