Greg Sumlin
Options High School Principal

Options High School strives to provide a purposeful, caring community for students who need more time to grasp concepts (academic, social, and emotional), or who may need an environment with fewer distractions. The Options High School learning program can be a highly effective experience for individuals who wish to make critical changes in their lives, regarding their past work habits and to refocus efforts on being a student. We combine dynamic curriculum, teaching--support, a strong sense of community, and special services for a powerful schooling experience. Our program is set up on 6-week Hexters. Grade checks are built into courses to help teachers pinpoint how to help students. Students are offered a variety of ways to stay on top on their progress. Student growth is the number one objective. It is all about changing from a "fixed to growth mindset" of what school used to be. 

Feel free to browse our website. You may want to take a moment to read about our Discovery Program, which a required class for all incoming students. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact me!

Susan Davis
Dean of Students for Options High School
& Phoenix Program(10th-12th)