Specials Schedule

This year Hopkins has changed the specials schedule to include more student contact with PE, Music and Art. A large goal of Hopkins is to ensure that we are developing the whole child, educating not only the mind, but the heart!  The specials schedule this year will help to achieve this goal by giving our students more PE, Music and Art throughout each month.  Art Education enhances students critical thinking and creativity, Music Education develops math and language develop, and PE develops the social/emotional wellness of our students. To achieve the schedule, we have devised a Green Week and a White Week schedule for each class.  If you wonder what week it is currently, visit the Hopkins calendar HERE. The specials schedule can be found HERE.


Clare Kothlow
email: ckothlow[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us
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Physical Education - PE

Tina Caranna
Email: tcaranna[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us