Post High School Planning

NEW!! Class of 2018 College and Career Planning Timeline!

The College and Career Planning Calendar is a detailed guide for Juniors and Seniors to use throughout the year to keep track of important college-related events such as standardized testing (SAT, ACT), as well as the dates of important events at school and in the community. Also, check out this Doorways Presentation for help with your post-secondary planning. 

The Parents'/Guardians' Role

Parents and guardians play an important role in their student's post high school planning. Probably the most important way of being involved is to be a supportive sounding board from early in high school as students are formulating their ideas, goals, hopes and dreams about their futures. Ultimately, though, parents need to remember to let the student take the lead, spend the time and go through the actual search and application process for themselves.  Here are some interesting and fun links to explore: