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Announcing Early High School Coming in 2017-18

An Accelerated Program of Studies for 8th Graders at Littleton High School

Littleton High School is proud to offer families a new opportunity, starting in August of 2017 – Early High School.  Early High School will be a unique public, one-year, full-day program for eighth graders on the campus of Littleton High School. 

Letter to 7th Grade Parents

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The program is based on three fundamental premises:

  • More and more eighth grade students and families are requesting more and more acceleration, often beyond what traditional middle school programs are able to offer.  
  • In addition to accelerated core classes, Littleton High School has an enormous amount to offer, and starting one year early is a great way to take advantage of those offerings. 
  • While many students are not emotionally or socially ready for high school one year early, some are, and those students who are truly academically and socially ready for high school should not be held back.

The point is to start early, not to finish early.

We are not proponents of early graduation.  Our program is not aimed at sending sixteen-year-olds to college.  Rather, the program is designed to allow students to get a jump start on the rich programs that are available at the high school level. 

Complete an Application

Applications for the Early High School Program will be available on the LHS website and in the Main Office on Wednesday October 26th.   Applications will be considered and approved as they are received, but no later than December 1st.

Early High School 8th Grade Program