Staff Directory

The Village staff are qualified, highly trained, caring individuals who enjoy children and are dedicated early childhood professionals. Each class is taught by a qualified lead teacher and a paraprofessional. Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 students. All of our teachers and paraprofessionals meet school district and state requirements for working with young children. Staff meet regularly to plan, problem solve, and communicate ideas regarding the program. Staff development and training is on-going. Staff meet regularly with parents and welcome suggestions and comments. Confidentiality is respected and practiced.

Administration and Support Staff

  • Kim Bryant, ECE Principal of the Village at North and Village at Highland
  • Jill Bertolatus, Village at North Interim Director
  • Chris Krutsche, Administrative Assistant to the Principal
  • Bev Carey, Administrative Assistant/Registrar
  • Jill Bertolatus, Education Manager 
  • Lyn Powell, Health Assistant/Attendence
  • Debi Reid, Family Partnerships Manager
  • Maria Castillo, Parent Liaison
  • Carlos Vargas, Building Facilitator 
  • Alfonso Pacheco and Jay Willey, Custodians

Preschool Classrooms


  • Bunny Room  - Ms. Jill and Ms. Gabi
  • Moose Room -  Ms. Mary and Ms. Niki and Ms. Harmony
  • Chipmunk Room - Ms. Dianna and Ms. Wendy
  • Bear Room -  Ms. Annie and Ms. Lynda
  • Owl Room - Ms. Ariana and Ms. Joy
  • Fox Room - Ms Merja and Ms. Lea
  • Raccon Room - Ms. Jaqui and Ms. Sarah
  • Floater Ms. Harmony and Mr. Cameron
  • After Care - Ms. Pat and Ms. Karla

Special Support Services Team

  • Kim Bryant - Coordinator of Special Programs
  • Jodi Lee, Special Education /Child Find Clerk
  • Tara Manto, ECSE
  • Kendra Hatler, ECSE
  • Marcy Foster, Counselor
  • Ruth Barnes, Psychologist
  • Alicia Steen, Psychologist (Child Find)
  • Cassidy Bell, OTR(Child FInd)
  • Amy Prins, OTR
  • Sussy Aguilera, ECSE
  • Amanda Kanaber, SLP
  • Sharie Jaeger, SLP (Child Find)
  • Kim Hounshell, SLP
  • Michelle Butler, CCC-SLP
  • Special Education Paraprofessionals - Barbara Frey, Misako Mimori,  Michele Thompson, Gelina Mock, Julie Gourgeon