Parent Information

Parent Handbook

The Handbook includes our Mission Statement and program philosophy, school policies and procedures, and information regarding the curriculum used at the Village at North for Early Childhood Education.

Allergy Aware


The Village is an allergy aware school.  We work diligently with staff, families, and students to support individuals with food allergies.  Parents/Guardians of students with severe food allergies are asked to contact the School Nurse Consultant.

Families often ask about support for students with nut/peanut allergies:

  • Parents/Guardians and staff are asked to refrain from sending or eating peanuts or nuts or food items containing peanuts or nuts. This is particularly important for classroom snacks and activities that involve food.
  • ​Please follow the Snack Policy in The Village Family Handbook and to get snack ideas from their classroom teacher.
  • School staff work with students and families to reinforce hand washing, not sharing food, checking food labels and asking an adult for help.

We appreciate everyone being vigilant in our combined efforts to keep children safe.


Supply Lists

We do not have a required supply list at The Village at North. 
Teachers will request supplies as the need arises in each classroom. 
Teachers will send home a monthly calendar for each classroom with a rotating schedule for snacks. Here is the Snack List   with recommendations and ideas. Please supply snacks for up to 16 children. The Village at North is a peanut aware school.




Letter from the Principal

Welcome to The Village at North!

If this is your first year, we are pleased that you have chosen this high-quality program through Littleton Public Schools. Our staff is looking forward to exciting times of learning and development with your child. Since 1995, The Village has provided young children with an academic preschool program that is nurturing, safe, and fun. Many of our teachers have taught at The Village year after year because of their love for early childhood and the professional level of collaboration they have with their colleagues. 

Our Preschool Program serves the purpose of preparing children for future success in kindergarten and beyond. We recognize and value the importance of having children enjoy school from an early age, learn polite social behaviors, and feel proud when they learn. We prepare students for kindergarten by using curricula such as Dinosaur School and Creative Curriculum, as well as creating an Individualized Learning Plan for each student. We host parent-teacher conferences twice a year to discuss student progress, share work, and strengthen partnerships between school and home. Parenting classes and other community resources are made available throughout the year to our preschool families.

There is so much more to do and see in our program offerings. I hope you take a moment to explore our website and find helpful information. You are also welcome to come and visit!


Marnie Yanacheak