Financial Aid

Paying for College

"College in Colorado"  (  is a FREE website with worlds of resources to help you discover your path, design your plan and own your future through higher education.  Visit the CIC website for an overview of the financial aid process for college that includes information on:

  • Cost of attending college
  • Types of financial aid that are available
  • How to apply for financial aid
  • Finding and applying for scholarships 


Price Tags for Colorado Schools:


FAFSA Info: 


Local Scholarships

  • Remember, nearly 97% of all aid money that ANYONE receives, regardless of financial need or merit eligibilty somes from

- The federal government (FAFSA)

- The Colorado state government (College Opportunity Fund)

- The institution itself

- So, exhust these opportunities!

  • You can find a list on your Naviance account (Colleges tab - Scholarships and Money - Scholarship List)
  • Scholarships are also posted on the bulletin outside of Post Grad in the Language Arts hallway.