Staff Pages

Airington, Megan, DHH marrington[at][dot]us
Alles, Debbie, Social Studies dalles[at][dot]us
Andrews, Jesse,  Art jandrews[at][dot]us
Atherton, Rob, Language Arts/Yearbook ratherton[at][dot]us
Bartosek, Brooke S.S./L.A. bbartoszek[at][dot]us
Benson, Katie, Special Education kbenson[at][dot]us
Bond, Katie, Math kbond[at][dot]us
Bosik, Wynne, Psychologist wbosik[at][dot]us
Bossert, Rebecca, Special Education rbossert[at][dot]us
Bransgrove, Julia,  Band/Orchestra jbransgrove[at][dot]us
Burns, Scott, Math sburns[at][dot]us
Cox, Gail, Spanish gailcox[at][dot]us
DeSantis, Julie, Math jdesantis[at][dot]us
Finer, Marc, sTEm mfiner[at][dot]us
Gardner, Leslie, Social Studies lgardner[at][dot]us
Goodreau, Marc, Math mgoodreau[at][dot]us
Hecker, Katie Math khecker[at][dot]us
Hines, Elizabeth Occupational Therapist ehines[at][dot]us
Hissem, Rebecca, Science rhissem[at][dot]us
Jenkins, Lisa, Lang. Arts/I.C. ljenkins[at][dot]us
Johnson, Torey, Speech Lang Pathologist tjohnson[at][dot]us
Krikke, Krista, Special Education kkrikke[at][dot]us
Lacey, Julie, Language Arts jlacey[at][dot]us
Mater, Katie Science/L.A. khustad[at][dot]us
May, Joan, Science jmay[at][dot]us
Moraja, Bill, Special Education bmoraja[at][dot]us
Newman, Carly Choir/Drama cnewman[at][dot]us
Oaster, Megan, PACE moaster[at][dot]us
Omdahl, Ilka, Social Studies iomdahl[at][dot]us
Petrelli, Shonya, Math swilmes-petrelli[at][dot]us
Rodrigue, Kerry, Science krodrigue[at][dot]us
Sutton, Melanie, Language Arts msutton[at][dot]us
Svigel, Karin, Language Arts/Yearbook ksvigel[at][dot]us
Swingler, Susan, Social Worker sswingler[at][dot]us
Timinski, Kandace,  Language Arts ktiminski[at][dot]us
Ubrun, Alyssa, Health and P.E. aubrun[at][dot]us
Wilmes, Kent,  Health and P.E kwilmes[at][dot]us
Wood, Kevin, Langauge Arts kwood[at][dot]us
Worsley, William, Math wworsley[at][dot]us
Wu, Christina, Psychologist cwu[at][dot]us



Additional Support

Mental Health and Counseling

Colmenero, Oscar, Head Custodian

Gragg, Jean  Technology Support Specialist

Lawler, Tish Learning Center

Lewis, Sonya Health Para Professional

Rice, Denise Office Manager

Rizuto, Tracy Bookkeeper/Attendance Secretary

Terranova, Carol COTA