Staff Pages

Adolph, Virginia, Math vadolph[at][dot]us
Andrews, Jesse,  Art jandrews[at][dot]us
Andrews, Tom STEM tandrews[at][dot]us
Atherton, Rob Language Arts ratherton[at][dot]us
Atwell, Logan, Math latwell[at][dot]us
Bartoszek, Brooke Social Studies bbartoszek[at][dot]us
Benson, Katie, Special Education kabenson[at][dot]us
Bosik, Wynne, Psychologist wbosik[at][dot]us
Bransgrove, Julia,  Band/Orchestra jbransgrove[at][dot]us
Braun, Scott Social Studies sbraun[at][dot]us
Bright, Carly Choir and Drama cbright[at][dot]us
Carstensen, Chelsea Math ccarstensen[at][dot]us
Collins, Sean, Science spcollins[at][dot]us
Cosenza, Sara, Language Arts scosenza[at][dot]us
DeSantis, Julie, Math jdesantis[at][dot]us
Donohoue, Ashley, Science adonohoue[at][dot]us
Enterline, Austin Science aenterline[at][dot]us
Gardner, Leslie, Social Studies lgardner[at][dot]us
Gessner, Taylor, Langauge Arts tgessner[at][dot]us
Glasscock, Lauren, Occupational Therapist lglasscok[at][dot]us
Goodreau, Marc, Math mgoodreau[at][dot]us
Gugliotto, Jeff Math jgugliotto[at][dot]us
Holland, Mackenzie Math mholland[at][dot]us
Jenkins, Lisa, Computers/Speech ljenkins[at][dot]us
Jones, Travis School SRO tjones[at][dot]us
Keirns, Jenna Spanish/ Everyday living jkeirns[at][dot]us
Krikke, Krista, Special Education kkrikke[at][dot]us
Kyle, Meagan PACE mkyle[at][dot]us
Marshall, Matt Spanish mmarshall[at][dot]us
Mater, Katie Language Arts kmater[at][dot]us
May, Joan, Science jmay[at][dot]us
Moore, Breeanne Language Arts bmoore[at][dot]us
Moraja, Bill, Special Education bmoraja[at][dot]us
Nash, Kathy Social Studies knash[at][dot]us
Neel, Torey Speech Lang Pathologist tneel[at][dot]us
Omdahl, Ilka, Social Studies iomdahl[at][dot]us
Pae, Rosa Psychologist rpae[at][dot]us
Perkins, Molly Spec Ed. mperkins[at][dot]us
Porier, Rachel Health and P.E. rporier[at][dot]us
Rodrigue, Kerry, Science krodrigue[at][dot]us
Rotter, Megan, Social Worker mrotter[at][dot]us
Seavall, Nicole Language Arts nseavall[at][dot]us
Sutton, Melanie, Language Arts msutton[at][dot]us
Svigel, Karin, Language Arts/ I.C. ksvigel[at][dot]us
Timinski, Kandace,  Language Arts ktiminski[at][dot]us
Verdie, Jordan Social Worker jverdie[at][dot]us
Wilmes, Kent,  Health and P.E kwilmes[at][dot]us
Winschuh, Hallie, Math hwinschuh[at][dot]us
Wood, Kevin, Langauge Arts kwood[at][dot]us
Worsley, William, Math wworsley[at][dot]us