Health Office

Newton's health office is staffed by a part-time para-professional and parent volunteers. Many of these wonderfully caring individuals are indeed health care professionals; however, in this capacity they are simply kind, loving parents.

We provide basic first aid, clean cuts and scrapes, take temperatures, and keep students comfortable until they either return to class or are picked up to go home. Running a fever and/or vomiting is an express ticket home. Otherwise it is up to the student and parent to decide if they will be leaving school early. In most cases, students are highly encouraged to return to class.

Please keep your student's contact information current!  Doing so greatly facilitates phoning parents, especially for emergencies!  

If your student will be taking medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, during the school day, district rules require that the medication be in its original container, and completed parent and physician authorization forms are on file. 

Please download and complete this LPS authorization form and bring it to school along with the medication.
The completed form can also be faxed to Newton at 303-347-3945.