Grade Level

6th Grade

Bond, Katie Math

Hissem, Rebecca Science (6th and 7th)

Jenkins, Lisa Language Arts

Mack, Jill Language Arts

May, Joanie Science (6th and 8th)

Silverman, Makendra  Math

Svigel, Karen Language Arts/Yearbook

Wilmes, Kent Social Studies (6th and 7th)

7th Grade

DeSantis, Julie Math

Gardner, Leslie Social Studies (6th and 7th)

Lacey, Julie Language Arts (7th and 8th)

Rodrigue, Kerry Science (7th and 8th)

Sutton, Melanie Language Arts

Wood, Kevin Language Arts

Worsley, William Math

8th Grade

Alles, Debbie Social Studies (6th and 8th)

Atherton, Rob Language Arts/Yearbook

Burns, Scott Math (6th and 8th)

Goodreau, Marc Math

Hecker, Katherine Math (7th and 8th)

Omdahl, Ilka Social Studies (7th and 8th)

Petrelli, Shonya Math (6th and 7th)

Timinski, Kandace Language Arts

Trainer, Megan Science (7th and 8th)


Andrews, Jessica Visual Arts

Andrews, Patricia Choir

Blake, Peter Physical Education

Bransgrove, Julia Band/Orchestra

Cox, Gail Spanish

Finer, Marc STEM

Ubrun, Alyssa Physical Education