Instructional Coach/Literacy Specialist

Jane Coulter

It is a pleasure to team with teachers and parents to make every child's learning experience a successful one.

My job as Instructional Coach is to serve as a mentor for our new teachers, and staff developer for all teachers. The overall goal for the Instructional Coach position is to improve student achievement as the staff focuses on instructional best practices. 

I am involved in our school's Student Intervention Team, co-coordinator for student Individual Learning Plans, monthly PLCs, grade level team meetings, and district Instructional Coach training. You can find me in classrooms often as we continue to refine our teaching practices.

I work with our students that are learning all about reading and writing! Our small groups enjoy learning how to decode, comprehend, and read fluently. It is a pleasure to be part of my readers' journey. You will find our groups eager to read and excited about the many books they will discover. Most of all I am building a reader's life! 

I am a former graduate of Heritage High School and it is a complete delight to continue to work for Littleton Public Schools.

You may contact me by email: jcoulter[at][dot]us or by phone: 303-347-4850.


Jane Coulter

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