2nd Grade

2nd Grade Overview

Welcome to 2nd Grade! Your children will be very busy learning many new and interesting concepts. Your students will gain more skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will continue to learn and practice rules for matching sounds to letters that make up words. Writing will become an exciting way for your children to express their ideas in a narrative, persuasive and informational style. In mathematics, your child will build on last year’s work and gain important new skills. One of the most important outcomes for the year is to add and subtract two-digit numbers quickly and accurately. Another important goal in 2nd grade is to understand what the digits mean in a three-digit number. Your children will also build expertise with solving addition and subtraction word problems. In science we will study plants and animals in their habitats. We will also study the weather and the water cycle. As for Social Studies, your children will compare and contrast the present day community to that of the past. Students will also locate and identify the poles, equator, continents, and the oceans on a map and globe. Imbedded in our learning throughout the year we will incorporated the 7 Habits/Leader in Me to grow our second graders into lifelong learners and leaders.

Angel Patterson

Cheryl Wells

Jody Morris (ELD Teacher)


Teacher Biographies

Angel Patterson
I have had the privilege of teaching for the Littleton Public School district since 1987. My teaching focus during this time has always been in the primary grades. Currently, I am teaching 2nd grade at Field. My philosophy has always been to treat children with love and respect. Throughout my teaching career I have always asked the question of, "Is this what is best for children?" If the answer is yes, then I know in my heart it is the direction to go.

Cheryl Wells
Hi, my name is Cheryl Wells and I am a 2nd grade teacher at Field Elementary. I have been in the Littleton Public School District since 1990, and at Field since 1998. I have taught kindergarten, first, second and third grade throughout my years in Littleton. I have two children, my son, Jacob, who is entering high school this year and my daughter, Emily, in college. I love teaching at Field because of the amazing students I am honored to work with here. I am also excited to be a part of this school because of the 7 Habits/Leader in Me Program we incorporate in our student's lives. I believe in this program because it gives students the tools they need to be lifelong leaders and learners in their community.