Overview & Staff

Options Infant Center serves teen parents that attend Options High School and LPS staff families only.  We are a small program licensed for 10 children ages 6 weeks-18 months.  In our classroom we use Curative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold.  We host several family partnership activities during the year including field trips, BBQ’s and potlucks.  We have parent teacher conferences twice a year to discuss the development of your child and address any questions that you may have regarding stages to come.  We are part of Colorado Shines and use best practices including primary caregiving to ensure that your child’s relationship with their teachers is full of positive interactions.  All OIC staff attends training,classes and conferences throughout the year in order to be aware of what is changing in the Early Childhood Education field and how it might benefit the care of your child.  Please call or email any questions that you have or if you would like to stop in and see what our program is all about!

Teen Parents
We encourage teen parents to attend Options High School during pregnancy to make the transition easier.  Children of teen parents can start at the age of 2 weeks-18 months.  All teen parent children who attend Options Infant Center must have a parent(s) that attends Options High School.  All teen parents are required to enroll in our teen parenting class and have a scheduled lab hour in the infant center daily.  During both of these classes, parents learn about developmentally appropriate activities, parenting practices, quality care, nutrition and other topics that are relevant and important to raising a child. All teen parents must apply for CCAP before their child can start.  

Shelby Carlson
Nursery Director