Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement- Littleton Public Schools

To educate all students for the future by challenging every individual to continuously learn, achieve, and act with purpose and compassion.

Vision Statement – EPIC Campus

EPIC Campus is a place where learners, educators, and community members combine their resources and talents; empowering students to remain curious, to acquire skills and knowledge, and to take risks in learning all while maximizing opportunities and providing a transformational space that opens possibilities for all Littleton Public Schools students.

Purpose Statement – EPIC Campus

At the EPIC Campus, we intentionally empower students in transformational, relevant, and engaging learning experiences.  Through collaboration and curiosity, students explore meaningful opportunities that invite risk, promote reflection, challenge ideas and excite the wonder of learning.  

Value Statement – EPIC Campus

At the EPIC Campus, we commit to curiosity, teamwork, kindness, perseverance, and creativity.