Content Credit

Math Content Credit

Aerospace - Fundamentals of Electronics and Electronic Assemblies
Aerospace - Design for CNC Machining and 3D Printing
Aerospace - CNC Machining 2

Business - Investing

Computer Science - Cybersecurity III: Networking
Computer Science - Software Engineering I - Data Structures
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence I - Data Science I Foundations
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence II - Machine Learning

Construction Trades - Construction 1
Construction Trades - Construction 2
Construction Trades - Construction Apprenticeship Prep
Construction Trades - Construction Design Technology

Science Content Credit

Aerospace- Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace - Design Projects: Aerospace
Aerospace - Robotics Design

Health Science -  Human Nutrition
Health Science - Nursing Aide
Health Science - Anatomy & Physiology I
Health Science - Anatomy & Physiology II 

Natural Resources - Principles of Plant Science
Natural Resources - Introduction to horticulture
Natural Resources - Conservation Ecology & Wildlife Management
Natural Resources - Water Fundamentals
Natural Resources - Water Treatment Operations
Natural Resources - Wastewater Treatment Operations

General Elective

Construction Trades - Construction Internship

Future Educator - Education Exploration

Future Educator - (For the 2023-2024 school year) Early Childhood Education 

Health Sciences - Introduction to Exercise Health Science
Health Sciences - Medical Office Administration

Language Arts Content Credit

Business - Starting A Business (Entrepreneurship 1)
Business - Managing A Business (Entrepreneurship 2)
Business - Financial Management
Business - Real Estate 1
Business - Real Estate 2

Computer Science - Cybersecurity I: Computer Technician
Computer Science - Cybersecurity II: Linux Administrator
Computer Science - Cybersecurity IV: Ethical Hacker
Computer Science - Software Engineering II - Capstone

Construction Trades - Construction Management

Future Educator - Teacher Cadet

Future Educator - (Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year) Early Childhood Education

Health Science - Application of Behavioral Healthcare & Wellness
Health Science - Introduction to Behavioral Healthcare and Wellness
Health Science - Theoretical Concepts of Psychiatric Care I
Health Science - Medical Terminology
Health Science - Introduction to Health Sciences
Health Science - Law & Ethics for Health Professions

Social Studies Content Credit

Construction Trades - Sustainability and Transformative Construction

Computer Science Content Credit

Computer Science - Pi’s and Python

Physical Education Content Credit

Health Science - Fitness & Wellness
Health Science - ACE Personal Training