Future Educator: Interested in teaching as a possible career? The Future Educator Pathway is an innovative college prep program designed for students who have an interest in the field of education. Students will explore how people learn, how schools operate, and what it's like to be a teacher. Students learn through creative hands-on activities, guest speakers, field trips, classroom observations, research, and job shadowing. Throughout the year, students will work closely with a cooperating teacher in a grade level of their choice in a mini-student teaching experience.

Early Childhood Education: Students considering a career in early childhood education, child psychology, pediatric medicine, social work, or other child-related occupations are encouraged to enroll in the ECE program. Students enrolled in the program receive training in the classroom setting and in a licensed child care facility or school. The supervised placement provides the student with the opportunity to observe children, interact using developmentally appropriate practices, and to develop effective guidance and management techniques, all while earning an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Certificate and 12 college credits.

The Future Educator Pathway will offer content credit in the following content areas:

  • Language Arts - Teacher Cadet
  • General Elective - Early Childhood Education, Education Exploration

It is recommended that students take one or more of the following classes at their home high school before enrolling in classes at the EPIC Campus in the Future Educator Pathway:

  • Arapahoe - Career Connections
  • Heritage - Career Connections, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Littleton - Career Success, Interpersonal Relationships,Teen Choices, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Options - Career Connections

Contact the Future Educator Pathway Lead Laura Alsdorf at lalsdorf[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us.


Laura is the education pathway instructor in the Littleton school district who loves to inspire students to consider the many opportunities in education as a rewarding career choice. Laura teaches both the Teacher Cadet and Early Childhood Education programs and is excited to move the pathway to the EPIC campus with the leadership team. Laura serves as a Colorado Teacher Cadet Instructor Trainer. Internal Site Webmaster (using her M.Ed in Technology skills) and Task Force Representative. She has volunteered through the years in various leadership roles in state professional organizations and committees to continue to elevate the education profession. Laura is also an adjunct instructor in education and ECE at Arapahoe Community College. Laura’s forever love is being a wife, mom, grandmother, dog lover of Sir Barksalot and fly fisherwoman.