Construction Trades Pathway will expose students to the many careers associated with residential, commercial, and civil construction. From exploration to internships, our pathway will give all students an advantage whether they want to pursue a college degree or enter into a meaningful career right after high school. 

Students can choose to take courses that focus on the building trades, such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and heavy equipment. Students can also choose to take classes in the area of design, sustainability and transformative construction. In these courses students will focus on architecture, interior design, VR and IR building information modeling as well as exploring how we can make the industry more sustainable through energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials, biomimicry as well as philanthropy for social and positive change.  Any of the courses can then lead into our construction management class if you choose.  Courses will utilize a hands-on approach to learning allowing students to have real- world experiences alongside EPIC industry partners. 

The Construction Trades Pathway will offer content credit in the following content areas:

  • Math - Construction 1, Construction 2, Construction Apprenticeship Prep, Construction Design Technology
  • Language Arts - Construction Management
  • Social Studies - Sustainability and Transformative Construction
  • General Elective - Construction Internship

It is recommended that students take one or more of the following classes at their home high school before enrolling in classes at the EPIC Campus in the Construction Trades Pathway:

  • Arapahoe - Technology Studies 1, Woods, Engineering 1, Stagecraft
  • Heritage - Construction Technology, Interior Design 1, Residential Home Maintenance, Manufacturing Technology and Geometry in Construction, Stagecraft
  • Littleton - Construction Technology, MYP Design Technology, Engineering and Technology 1, Stagecraft
  • Options - Construction Technology, Woodworking

Have questions? Contact the Construction Trades Pathway Lead Marc Finer at mfiner[at][dot]us.

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Marc Finer

Marc is excited to be the Construction Trades Pathway Lead at EPIC Campus. The opportunity to combine construction and education is the culmination of the past 25 years of his career. He has been involved in both construction and the education world since he was in college studying to be an Industrial Arts / Tech Ed teacher at Fitchburg State University. Marc spent his summers during high school and college working alongside his dad, a general contractor and an Industrial Arts / Tech Ed teacher himself. This is where he developed an appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that goes into the trades. After teaching three years outside of Boston, Massachusetts he relocated to Colorado in 2001 to teach Technology Engineering for Littleton Public Schools. While enjoying his teaching career he continues to challenge himself, earning his general contractor license in 2003 and spends summers doing residential remodeling. Marc has served on numerous local, state, and national committees, always trying to elevate the importance and level of Career and Technical Education for both students and teachers. Marc has also been an adjunct professor at Red Rocks Community College where he taught in the Fine Woodworking Department. When he is not teaching or remodeling, he enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren, a kindergarten teacher, and their two daughters.