Have you ever wanted to learn to code? Perhaps, Artificial Intelligence fascinates you. How about building and fixing your computers and networks? Start these journeys today by choosing one of three focuses: Software Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity. 

In Software Engineering, projects will include coding your very own Internet of Things (IoT) device from scratch. What’s an IoT device? Think of a normal device, then add a computer to it and code it - like a thermostat. In Data Science, you'll use Machine Learning techniques to find trends and patterns across vast amounts of data. One example is using an open-source database of MRI brain scans, then training an AI to discover abnormalities. Lastly in Cybersecurity, you’ll learn how all of these systems interconnect and how to protect them from hackers! You’ll create and maintain real computer networks and then explore topics such as the cloud, hacking, cyberdefense, and more!

There’s no shortage of new and exciting technologies for students to discover at EPIC. Explore and learn the foundational elements of Software Engineering, Data Science, or Cybersecurity. Launch your technology career at EPIC today!

The Computer Science Pathway will offer content credit in the following content areas:

  • Math - Cybersecurity III: Networking, Software Engineering I - Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence I - Data Science I Foundations, Artificial Intelligence II - Machine Learning
  • Language Arts - Cybersecurity I: Computer Technician, Cybersecurity II: Linux Administrator, Cybersecurity IV: Ethical Hacker, Software Engineering II - Capstone
  • Computer Science - Pi’s and Python

It is recommended that students take one or more of the following classes at their home high school before enrolling in classes at the EPIC Campus in the Computer Science Pathway:

  • Arapahoe - AP Computer Science Principles or A (preferred), Mobile App Development, Game Design, Web Design Foundations A
  • Heritage - AP Computer Science Principles or A (preferred), Introduction to Computer Science, Game Design, Computer Science (CS) Foundations
  • Littleton - AP Computer Science Principles (preferred), Introduction to Computer Science I & II
  • Options - Introduction to Computer Science

Contact the Computer Science Pathway Lead Cameron Ryan at cryan[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us.


Cameron Ryan

Cameron, originally from Microsoft, is a Computer Science teacher of eight years who has taught a variety of grades (7-12) and courses. Recently, he worked as the Cybersecurity Faculty for Arapahoe Community College and adjuncted for Colorado State University Pueblo.

He studied at the University of Florida where he majored in Geological Sciences and then later completed a Masters degree in Secondary Science Education. Cameron's hobbies include photography, triathlons, and international traveling.

Cameron is a big proponet of K-12 Computer Science education and pushes students to become creators of technology rather than consumers.