The Business & Entrepreneurship Pathway is designed for students to learn skills, earn certifications, licenses, and college credit to help them earn their way into the colleges of their choice and qualify them for professional level work both after high school and college.  

Starting a Business (Entrepreneurship 1) and Managing a Business (Entrepreneurship 2) allow students to work in teams to start their own businesses and prepare for a “Pitch Night Competition” at the end of the year where they can earn money to start their business.  

Investing and Financial Management classes expose students to the world of investing, banking and insurance.  Students will compete in fun events as they earn certifications qualifying them for employment at elite local financial service companies.  Some of these jobs allow students to work after high school, while others require students to earn a college degree.  

Students will learn about all aspects or Real Estate in Real Estate 1 and 2.  If students choose to complete both courses, they will have the opportunity to take the Real Estate Brokers License Exam.  Passing this exam will allow students to practice real estate in Colorado after high school or college.  

In each course, students will be working with members of our local business community to guide them, mentor them, and share with them their successes.  Students interested in any avenue of Business, Marketing or Entrepreneurship will benefit immensely from taking these classes.  Business and Entrepreneurship classes at the EPIC Campus will enhance the learning that students gain in their local high schools. 

Chad Sawyer
Pathway Lead

Carla Thomas
Adjunct Faculty