EPIC Campus welcomes Lisa Akers, Chief Engineer Lockheed Martin Orion Program, and Varun Venkat, Electrical Engineer, to the EPIC Campus Great Hall on Friday, February 9 from 4:00–5:00 p.m. for the next installment of the Aerospace Speaker Series. Lisa and Varun will speak about NASA’s most ambitious pursuit yet: the Artemis Program, which will seek to take humans farther than ever before in exploring space. NASA’s Artemis Program will take humanity to the moon and prepare us for the next giant leap: the exploration of Mars.

You’re invited to learn about the Artemis Program from engineers working on The Orion Spacecraft that will carry astronauts from Earth to lunar orbit and back! Join Chief Engineer, Lisa Akers, and Electrical Engineer, Varun Venkat, as they share stories about their work on Orion and their career journeys in Aerospace.