Lenski Accountability Committee

The Colorado School Finance Act of 1988 establishes a school advisory accountability committee for every public school in Colorado. By November 1st of each year, the principal of each school, with the assistance of the school staff, must adopt ambitious goals and plans to improve graduation rates and student achievement. it is a yearly responsibility of the LAC to monitor and report the progress made toward meeting the established goals. The committee includes the school principal, four staff members, the PTO president/s, three parents who have children attending the school, and one community resident who does not have children attending the school.

There are a minimum of six meetings each year. Generally, the LAC holds monthly meetings, held after school, for approximately 1 hour. Every parent or guardian of a Lenski student is welcome to apply for membership. The term of a parent representative is two years. Application forms are available here or in the Lenski office.. 

2015-2016 Lenski Accountability Year End Report


Dates and topics for meetings in 16/17 school year 

September 19, 2016 - 


Welcome and Introductions – Barb DeSpain

Review of LAC responsibilities and bylaws 

Unified Improvement Plan (UIP):  Goals & Activities 

Reports and Updates:  PTO, Tech Advisory Committee, LPS Foundation (Stride)


2016 LAC Meeting Dates and Proposed Agenda Items:

October 17      Superintendent Brian Ewert will discuss Professional Learning Community


November 14  Gifted Talented Presentation (Katie Heissenbuttel), Student Demonstrations

January 30       Technology Update (Katelyn Hamilton, Dana Wilhelm), Student Demonstrations

February 27     Unified Improvement Plan Update, Student Demonstrations

                        Review Results of Comprehensive School Climate Survey

March 20         Staffing Plan, Prioritization of Expenditures, Student Demonstrations

Current LAC Members: Amy Dawson, Kristi Steele, Barb DeSpain, Kathy Fennelly, Teri Secor,  Holly Malcolm, Nancy Seavall,  Jenn Regan, Travis Moore, and Carolyn Apking Wittenberger, Katie Heissenbuttel