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Lenski students receive art instruction in the classroom from full-time art instructors who instill in them the elements and principles of art. Curriculum is established with regard to Colorado State Standards and encompasses realistic, abstract, and nonobjective artwork with intermittent lessons on famous artists in history. 

Art projects utilize a variety of media: tempera, watercolor, ink, acrylics, clay, metal and wire. Projects are made into drawings, paintings, weavings, mobiles, sculptures and prints.

As you walk through Lenski’s hallways, you’ll notice the innovative and creative student artwork exhibiting a year-round art show enjoyed by students, faculty, and visitors alike.

Kindergarten - Chalk Landscape

Students learn the definition of “landscape” and deppictColorado mountains.  Horizontal strokes are utilized for the sky and shading is taught at a beginning level for realistic perspective.

Grade 1 - Weaving




 Grade 2 - Pointillism Leaf

Georges Seurat is the artist studied. Students learn to use dots of different colors to create a leaf shape in both a positive and negative space.


Grade 3 - Fish Print 

 Grade 4 - Still Life Study

The “Still Life” as an historic and current day art form is depicted with a bowl of fruit. Watercolor wash is used for the background and table with crayon resist used for pattern. An attempt was made to make the fruit life sized.


Grade 5 - Metal Tooling


Circular design patterns were taught and then transferred to a sheet of aluminum.  Metal tooling techniques, tempera paint and markers were used and then burnished with steel wool for a finished effect.



Mrs.Sophie Derksen
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