PTO Presidents Council (PPC)

The PTO Presidents Council (PPC) is comprised of each school's PTO President or designee. The group meets the second Tuesday of each month September through April. 

The PPC affords PTO presidents the opportunity to learn about issues affecting the school district, share information with each other, and serve as a sounding board for the superintendent and the Board of Education. Those wanting more information may contact:

Diane Leiker
Director of Communications
Staff Liaison to the PPC

2016 - 2017 Meeting Dates

PPC Meetings: 9:15 – 11:30 a.m. in the Education Services Center Boardroom (5776 S. Crocker St.)

If you are not able to attend, please send a representative.

May 10, 2016 – PPC Leadership Workshop

May 9, 2017 - PPC Leadership Workshop




PTO Treasurer's Corner

Contact Us

Diane Leiker
LPS Director of Communications
Staff Liaison to the PTO President's Council

Lou Ikard
Secretary to the Director of Communications

Important Tasks Calendar


  • Meet with your outgoing president/officers to collect materials, transfer distribution lists, share user names, passwords, etc..  Review the year.
  • Review your PTO bylaws and plan to update if necessary. If updated, send a new copy to the PPC for the file.
  • Hold a transition meeting involving outgoing officers/chairs and incoming officers/chairs.  
  • Meet with your treasurer to have them get your name as a signatory.  
  • Schedule your yearly review of financies by an outside person.
  • Meet with your principal to schedule regular meeting dates for the two of you, create a tentative schedule for your general PTO meetings and special events, and determine PTO hospitality duties for Back to School activities.
  • Set a meeting date for your executive board toward the end of the summer.

June - July

  • Rest!
  • Meet with fundraising committee chairs regarding contracts, payments, prizes/incentives, Conflict of Interest Agreement, and sales tax changes (if any).
  • Review monthly bank statements.
  • Review the PPC leadership materials.
  • Set goals for the upcoming year related to finances, fundraising, communication, participation/volunteers, teacher care, etc.
  • Write your welcome letter for the August school newsletter and/or Back to School packet.
  • Prepare committee folders/online resources.
  • Update any PTO welcome materials for new parents and parents of kindergartners.


  • Have a Welcome Back party for your new team:  introduce new members, share goals, walk through expectations, share PTO contact info. and meeting dates, and have fun!
  • Have your treasurer provide your annual financial information to the PPC, which will be used to complete the PPC Form 990 to the IRS. (see the Treasurer's Handbook for details.)
  • Prepare for your first meeting of the school year.
  • Work with your principal on communications protocols between the PTO, parents, and staff.
  • Listen to the "buzz" as people prepare for the new year!


  • Sign and turn in to the PPC the Conflict of Interest Statement.
  • Have your treasurer pay your PTO's share of the tax preparer's bill.